Peru Insider’s 27 best restaurants in Barranco, Lima

Discover the best restaurants in Barranco categorized by cuisine. From the best ceviche to street sandwiches, this list covers all types of dishes!

Nestled on the vibrant coast of Lima, Barranco effortlessly marries artistic flair with culinary innovation, establishing itself as the city’s premier food hotspot.

This bohemian neighborhood, with its colorful streets and historic charm, serves as a canvas for chefs and restaurateurs to express their culinary artistry.

Barranco’s diverse food scene is a testament to its ability to blend traditional Peruvian ingredients with global culinary trends, offering an array of dining experiences that cater to every palate.

From high-end restaurants that showcase the best of Peruvian gastronomy to cozy cafes and bustling street food stands, Barranco invites food enthusiasts on a journey of discovery.

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Here are our top recommendations for the best restaurants in Barranco, Lima:

1. Central: Best of the Best Restaurants in Barranco

Central stands out as a pinnacle of culinary innovation, making it the best of the best restaurants in Barranco, Lima. Under the guidance of Chef Virgilio Martínez, this establishment takes guests on a gastronomic journey through Peru’s diverse ecosystems.

Each dish tells a story of altitude, tradition, and local ingredients, showcasing flavors from the Amazon to the Andes. The tasting menu is a must-order, offering a curated experience that changes with the seasons.

Central’s cuisine transcends traditional Peruvian dishes, incorporating avant-garde techniques and indigenous ingredients. Book well in advance and request a kitchen tour to witness the magic behind the scenes of one of the world’s top 50 restaurants.

2. El Tio Mario: best anticucho restaurant in Barranco

El Tio Mario is a cherished gem among the best restaurants in Barranco, offering a genuine taste of Peruvian street food with an emphasis on anticuchos (grilled beef heart).

This no-frills eatery boasts a long-standing tradition of serving up some of the city’s most authentic and delicious dishes. The anticuchos are a must-order, perfectly seasoned and grilled.

Beyond anticuchos, their menu features a variety of traditional Peruvian dishes, making it a paradise for those looking to dive deep into local flavors. Visit during the evening for a lively atmosphere and pair your meal with a chicha morada (purple corn drink) for the full experience.

3. Bucanieri: best gastropub in Barranco

Bucanieri, originally celebrated for its Italian-Peruvian fusion, has reimagined itself as a leading gastro pub in Barranco, offering a unique twist on classic pub fare infused with Italian and local flavors.

This spot has quickly become a favorite among the best restaurants in Barranco for those seeking a casual yet sophisticated dining experience. The menu features gourmet burgers, artisanal pizzas, and a variety of small plates, perfect for sharing over drinks.

A must-order is their signature burger, topped with homemade Italian sausage, provolone cheese, and a tangy tomato relish, offering a burst of flavors with every bite. Take advantage of their craft beer selection, carefully curated to pair with the menu’s bold flavors, providing a complete gastro pub experience.

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4. El Rincón de Siempre: best Peruvian restaurant in Barranco

El Rincón de Siempre is a fixture in Barranco’s culinary scene, offering a nostalgic dining experience that pays homage to classic Peruvian cuisine. This restaurant prides itself on its familial atmosphere and dishes that taste like home-cooked meals.

The lomo saltado (stir-fried beef) is a standout order, showcasing the rich flavors and simplicity of traditional Peruvian cooking. El Rincón de Siempre’s cuisine is a testament to the timeless appeal of Peruvian recipes passed down through generations.

Ask for the day’s special, often a lesser-known but incredibly flavorful traditional dish, to explore the depth of Peru’s culinary heritage.

5. Restaurante Los Delfines: best seafood restaurant in Barranco

Restaurante Los Delfines shines as a beacon of seafood excellence among the best restaurants in Barranco, offering an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates the bounty of the Pacific Ocean.

This local establishment is renowned for its exquisite selection of fresh seafood dishes, artfully prepared to highlight natural flavors. A must-order is the ceviche, a perfect balance of tangy and spicy, showcasing the freshest local fish.

6. Sandwiches Monstruos: best sandwich joint in Barranco

Sandwiches Monstruos stands out for its creative and hearty sandwiches, making it a favorite among the best restaurants in Barranco for casual dining. This vibrant eatery takes the sandwich to the next level with oversized portions and innovative flavor combinations.

The “Monstruo” sandwich, layered with tender beef, avocado, crispy onions, and a secret sauce, is a must-order for those with a hearty appetite. Beyond the food, the eclectic decor and friendly atmosphere make it a fun spot for both locals and travelers.

Try their homemade sauces and add a local craft beer to your order for the ultimate sandwich experience!

7. Manduco Barranco: best Italian restaurant

Manduco Barranco has established itself as the best Italian restaurant in the heart of Barranco, offering an exquisite menu that pays homage to Italy’s rich culinary traditions while incorporating the freshest Peruvian ingredients.

This refined dining spot is celebrated for its authentic pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and an impressive selection of Italian wines. A must-order is the handmade ravioli filled with slow-cooked osso buco!

The ambiance of Manduco Barranco, with its elegant decor and warm lighting, provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Save room for dessert, as their tiramisu, made with Peruvian coffee, is a sublime reinterpretation of the classic Italian treat!

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8. Oxa Burger Barranco: best burger joint

Oxa Burger Barranco brings a gourmet twist to the classic burger, securing its place among the best restaurants in Barranco for those craving American cuisine with a Peruvian flair.

This trendy spot prides itself on crafting burgers with high-quality, local ingredients, offering a variety of unique toppings and house-made sauces. The “Oxa Classic” burger, featuring a juicy patty, local cheese, and a secret sauce, is a must-order.

The restaurant’s modern, casual vibe is perfect for a laid-back meal with friends. Pair your burger with a side of yuca fries and a local craft beer for a truly satisfying experience.

9. Cala: best restaurant in Barranco with ocean views

Cala is a standout establishment among the best restaurants in Barranco, known for its exceptional seafood dishes and stunning seaside location. This upscale restaurant offers a dining experience that combines breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

A must-order is the seafood platter, which allows diners to sample a variety of the day’s freshest catches. Cala’s sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for special occasions or romantic evenings.

Time your visit to coincide with sunset to enjoy your meal against the backdrop of a spectacular ocean view, enhancing the ambiance and overall dining experience.

10. La Cuadra de Salvador: best steakhouse in Barranco

La Cuadra de Salvador is an iconic steakhouse that has earned its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Barranco for meat lovers. This restaurant takes pride in its selection of premium cuts, expertly grilled to perfection.

The standout order is the ribeye steak, known for its rich flavor and succulent texture. La Cuadra de Salvador’s rustic and warm interior, adorned with equestrian-themed decor, complements the hearty fare.

Opt for the chef’s recommendation on how to best enjoy your steak and consider pairing it with a Peruvian wine.

11. Canta Ranita: best ceviche restaurant in Barranco

Canta Ranita Ceviche is a beloved spot among the best restaurants in Barranco, celebrated for its authentic and vibrant Peruvian ceviche. Located in a bustling market, this casual eatery offers a genuine taste of local life along with the freshest seafood dishes.

The classic ceviche, bursting with citrusy flavors and tender fish, is an essential order here. Canta Ranita’s lively atmosphere and no-frills setting make it a favorite among both locals and visitors seeking an authentic dining experience.

12. Kinjo Ramen Barranco: best Japanese restaurant

Kinjo Ramen Barranco introduces a Japanese culinary tradition to the vibrant neighborhood of Barranco, standing out as one of the best restaurants for ramen enthusiasts.

This cozy establishment specializes in rich, flavorful ramen bowls, crafted with homemade noodles and broth simmered to perfection. A must-order is the Tonkotsu Ramen, known for its creamy pork broth and tender slices of pork belly.

Kinjo Ramen’s commitment to authenticity and quality ingredients offers a comforting and delicious dining option. Customize your ramen by adding extra toppings or adjusting the spice level to suit your taste, ensuring a personalized and satisfying meal.

13. Merito: best Venezuelan Restaurant in Barranco

Merito stands out not only as the best Venezuelan restaurant in Barranco but also as a culinary bridge between Peruvian and Venezuelan cuisines. This vibrant eatery offers a unique fusion that celebrates the flavors and traditions of both countries.

The arepas, filled with a variety of gourmet ingredients, are a must-order for their authenticity and flavor. Merito’s rustic and inviting atmosphere, combined with its innovative menu, provides a memorable dining experience.

Don’t miss the chance to try their signature cocktail made with Venezuelan rum, offering the perfect accompaniment to your meal and a taste of Venezuelan hospitality.

14. Sofá Café Barranco: best breakfast restaurant in Barranco

Sofá Café Barranco is a cozy and welcoming spot that has quickly become one of the best places in Barranco for coffee enthusiasts and remote workers alike.

This café offers a variety of specialty coffees, sourced from the best Peruvian coffee regions, alongside a selection of homemade pastries and light bites.

The comfortable seating and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal location to unwind or catch up on work. Take advantage of the café’s coffee-tasting sessions to learn more about Peruvian coffee and find your perfect brew.


15. Kjolle: best Andean restaurant in Barranco

Kjolle, a sister restaurant to the acclaimed Central, offers a more casual dining experience while still ranking among the best restaurants in Barranco for Andean cuisine.

Led by chef Pía León, Kjolle showcases the diversity of Peru’s indigenous ingredients through creative and beautifully presented dishes.

The tasting menu is a journey through the Andes, featuring seasonal ingredients that tell the story of Peru’s rich culinary heritage. Opt for the wine pairing to enhance your dining experience with selections that complement the flavors of the Andes.

16. Pan Sal Aire: best bakery in Barranco

Pan Sal Aire is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Barranco for its artisanal breads, pastries, and desserts. This bakery prides itself on using organic, locally sourced ingredients to create baked goods that are both delicious and wholesome.

The sourdough bread is a standout, known for its crusty exterior and airy interior. Pan Sal Aire’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking the comfort of freshly baked bread.

Visit in the morning when the selection is most abundant, and enjoy your treats in the bakery’s charming outdoor seating area.

17. Don Bajadón: best traditional Peruvian restaurant

Don Bajadón earns its place among the best restaurants in Barranco with its focus on traditional Peruvian cuisine, presented with a contemporary twist.

This restaurant is renowned for its innovative approach to classic dishes, offering a menu that delights both locals and visitors alike. A must-order is the ceviche Don Bajadón, a signature dish that elevates the traditional Peruvian ceviche with unique flavors and textures.

The cozy, yet sophisticated ambiance of Don Bajadón, combined with its exceptional service, makes for an unforgettable dining experience. Ask for the chef’s special of the day to experience the latest culinary creations and flavors.

18. Sibaris Resto Bar: best bar food in Barranco

Sibaris Resto Bar stands out in Barranco as the destination for the best bar food, blending gourmet cuisine with a relaxed, pub-like atmosphere. This spot is perfect for those looking to enjoy innovative dishes alongside expertly crafted cocktails.

The menu features a range of small plates designed for sharing, allowing diners to sample a variety of flavors. A must-try is the seafood tapas, which perfectly complement their signature cocktails.

Sibaris offers a modern and lively setting, making it ideal for a night out with friends. Don’t skip their cocktail menu, which includes local ingredients and spirits, offering a taste of Peru’s rich mixology culture.

19. La Bodega Verde: best cafe for digital nomads

La Bodega Verde offers a tranquil oasis in the heart of Barranco, making it a unique spot among the best cafes and casual eateries in the area. This café and bistro is set in a lush garden, offering a menu that focuses on healthy, organic, and vegetarian-friendly options.

Their fresh salads, sandwiches, and smoothies are perfect for a light meal or a refreshing break. The serene garden setting provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets of Lima.

Take advantage of the peaceful ambiance to relax with a book from their mini-library, or catch up on work in one of Lima’s most serene settings.

20. Huarique De Barranco: best local restaurant

Huarique De Barranco captures the essence of a true Peruvian “huarique” — a local secret spot known for its delicious and authentic cuisine.

This hidden gem among the best restaurants in Barranco offers a menu that celebrates traditional Peruvian dishes, prepared with a home-cooked warmth and flair.

A standout dish is their Aji de Gallina, a creamy and comforting chicken stew that’s a testament to Peru’s rich culinary heritage. The restaurant’s cozy and unassuming ambiance invites diners to enjoy a meal that feels like a gathering at a friend’s home.

21. República del Pisco Barranco: best pisco bar

República del Pisco stands out as the premier destination in Barranco for exploring Peru’s national spirit, Pisco. This bar and lounge is celebrated for its extensive selection of Pisco varieties and its innovative Pisco-based cocktails.

The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with live music on select nights, makes it a lively spot to enjoy the best of Peru’s bar culture. The Pisco sour, a classic Peruvian cocktail, is a must-try here, crafted to perfection.

Participate in a Pisco tasting session to learn about the different grape varietals and regions, deepening your appreciation for this iconic drink!

22. Juanito Barranco: popular local restaurant

Juanito Barranco, a historic bar and restaurant, has been a staple in the Barranco district for decades, known for its bohemian charm and classic Peruvian bites.

This spot serves as a gathering place for artists, musicians, and locals, offering a menu that features traditional sandwiches and bar snacks alongside a selection of beers and spirits.

The Chicharrón sandwich, made with crispy pork, sweet potato, and salsa criolla, is a highlight. The walls of Juanito Barranco are adorned with memorabilia and photos, telling the story of its rich history and the cultural figures who have frequented it.

Spend time exploring the memorabilia and artwork to get a sense of Lima’s artistic and cultural evolution.

23. El Chinito: best street food-style sandwich in Barranco

El Chinito is renowned for its exceptional sandwiches, particularly the classic “Chicharrón” sandwich, which has earned it a place among the best restaurants in Barranco.

This casual dining spot offers a straightforward menu focusing on quality ingredients and traditional Peruvian flavors. The sandwiches, served on freshly baked bread with crispy pork, sweet potato, and salsa criolla, are a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

El Chinito’s laid-back atmosphere and quick service make it an ideal stop for a satisfying meal at any time of the day. Don’t miss out on their traditional Peruvian desserts, such as the “tres leches” cake, for a sweet end to your meal.

24. La Posada Del Mirador: best restaurant in Barranco’s malecon

La Posada Del Mirador is an enchanting restaurant that boasts one of the best views in Barranco, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This spot is celebrated for its traditional Peruvian cuisine, offering dishes that are both simple and rich in flavor.

The outdoor terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a Pisco Sour at sunset, creating an unforgettable dining experience. The Ceviche Mixto, a blend of fresh seafood marinated in citrus, is a standout dish that captures the essence of Peruvian coastal cuisine.

Arrive before dusk to secure a spot on the terrace for a view of the sunset over the ocean!

25. Siete: best International cuisine in Barranco

Siete is renowned for its exceptional approach to international cuisine, making it one of the best restaurants in Barranco for those looking to explore global flavors with a Peruvian twist.

The menu, curated by a visionary chef Ricardo Martins, features dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world, each prepared with local ingredients. The restaurant’s modern and elegant decor complements the innovative dishes served.

A must-try is the degustation menu, offering a journey through a variety of textures and tastes. Book in advance and request a table with a view of the kitchen to witness the artistry and precision that goes into preparing each dish.

26. Burrito Bar: best Mexican restaurant in Barranco

Burrito Bar offers a laid-back and fun approach to Mexican cuisine in the heart of Barranco. Known for its large, flavorful burritos, this bar is a favorite among those craving a casual meal in a vibrant setting.

Each burrito is customizable, allowing diners to select from a variety of fillings, including succulent meats, fresh vegetables, and zesty sauces. The lively ambiance, complete with colorful decorations and upbeat music, makes for an enjoyable dining experience.

Pair your burrito with one of their signature margaritas for the perfect combination of flavors!

27. Restaurant El Cachafaz: best Peruvian grill

Restaurant El Cachafaz is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Peru, offering a menu that emphasizes the flavors and ingredients of the country’s diverse regions.

This restaurant is known for its cozy atmosphere and dishes that feel like a hug from within, such as the Lomo Saltado and Ají de Gallina.

El Cachafaz’s dedication to authenticity and quality makes it a must-visit for those looking to experience traditional Peruvian cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment.

2. El Tio Mario


El Rincón de Siempre

Restaurante Los Delfines

Sandwiches Monstruos

Manduco Barranco



La Cuadra de Salvador

Canta Ranita Ceviche

Kinjo Ramen Barranco

Merito: best Venezuelan restaurant in Barranco

Sofá Café Barranco

Kjolle: casual Andes food

Pan Sal Aire: best bakery in Barranco

Don Bajadón

Sibaris Resto Bar: best bar food

Canta Rana

La Bodega Verde

Huarique De Barranco

República del Pisco – Barranco

Juanito Barranco

El Chinito

La Posada Del Mirador

Arepa Café

Siete: best International cuisine

Burrito Bar

Restaurant El Cachafaz

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